Thursday, December 11, 2008

postcript to #23

Let me say that I have been very fortunate to be able to finish all my lessons in a timely manner well ahead of the deadline in January. My manager has been super supportive of my efforts as well as my fellow co-workers. I believe that all staff should be afforded this kind of support. KUDOS to everyone who completed the course and those who are continuing with their training.

#23 Let the Journey Begin.......

Let me say in closing that I have enjoyed doing all the exercises in this 2.0 training. I have surpised myself that I have continued with this til the end. I have already patted myself on the back as well as my fellow co-workers. It is gratifying to know that I am not as technologically ignorant as I thought. Some the websites that I had fun exploring were LibraryThing, YouTube, Podcasts, and Audio Books. I am an avid reader of mystery books and I cannot wait to dowload some of new upcoming mystery books by my favorite authors. I have always found it a mystery how one can insert a video and postcast in one's blog, but I found it very easy to do and thus eliminating the mystery on how it was done. Now when I follow my fellow bloggers I can do that and with more practice be able to really "dress up" my blog. Some of the other websites were more challenging and some time in the future, I will play more with Technorati, and Wikis. All in all, I have enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone and taken on this challenge. I will certainly want to participate in future trainings of this type. In closing, the use of technology of this kind is the on the horizon for library staff and I can definitely see the need of it for library patrons. The information age should be made available to all library patrons and it is the responsibility of library staff to make it available to all.

#22 Audio Books-"The end is near"

Here is the jacket of a book of one of my favorite mystery authors which I have not read. I definitely plan to download this book on my new MP3 player. I can't wait. I have found the tutorial to the Overdrive quite easy to follow. There are quite a few and I only listened to the first six sections. It is nice to go through my JPL account to be able to listen to books, view videos. The possibilities are endless. As we are now in the 21st century, it will become the norm for libraries to be the custodians of this service and that it will encourage more patrons to make use of this valuable service. In doing so, it will be the resposibility of library staff to familiarize patrons with this service.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts-part 2

I figured out how to put my RSS feed on my bloglines.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts

I checked out postcast and typed in "libraries" under the search section. I, then, clicked on "education" and found several podcasts that were interesting in listened to a podcast by the Bowery Boys who discussed the Statue of Liberty. The short version that I heard seemed very interesting. This would be great for anyone who wants to visit NYC and do the tourist sites. It is also good for someone who is interested in the history of the Statue of Liberty which extra information you may normally not read about in regular history books. Check it out!!!! If you make this available to library users on library websites, it would be another tool that patrons can explore. I was unsuccessful in using the RSS feed so I copied the podcast website into the "link" section of my blog. Click on the title of this blog to link up with the podcast.

#20 You too can YouTube

If libraries publish newly-released books on YouTube and make them available on their websites, it would give patrons a chance to look at books they may be interested in and thus increase the volume of library patronage.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

#19 Discovering Web 2.0 Tools

#19 Discovering Web 2.0 Tools I really enjoyed exploring the Web 2.0 Awards site. I looked at a variety of websites that would be useful to and relevant to both my job and the websites. As an ESL adult educator, I looked under "education" and found the website to be excellent for ESL learners when they want to improve their English language comprehension. If you want to learn Spanish, the website is an excellent for learning everyday Spanish. Another website, is a good one for people interested in geneology. All these site can be accessed on any library computer or home computers. I plan to explore the other award-winning websites that are listed on Web 2.0 Awards.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Completed #18 Zoho Writer

I enjoyed playing around with the different buttons.  what I like about this feature is that in Zoho Writer, you can start a document and go on any computer and edit, complete or restart any document. smilelaughing 

Zoho Writer offers more buttons and features that you don't see have on Word


I know that I will definitely return to this feature and explore other things to try out.  Who knows how handy and useful this tool will be for my ESL classes?undecided

Monday, December 1, 2008

#17 Playing with PB Wiki

I posted a blog on my favority mystery authors for everyone to see. It is a nice way to air your views on any of your favorite subjects or express an opinion if you so desire.

#14-Technorati-Getting not so technical

I had some difficulty with this assignment and wasn't able to open this search engine. I returned to this assignment today and was able to complete it. I read several blogs on learning "2.0" and found out that it is the future of technology learning.

#10 Image Generator

I found this activity to be fairly easy with the help of one of my co-worker, Katie's shoes. This is fun and I would definitely think about using this to dress up my blog in the future.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

#16 What's a Wiki?

I looked at all the wiki websites and there is one that I actually liked. I am an avid reader, a mystery buff to be exact and I found the Book Lovers Wiki to be quite interesting. The other ones were very informative and are targeted to people of similar interests.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hear ye! Hear ye!

These are my precious granddaughters whose birthdays are coming up soon. Malia, on the right will be one year old and she is very precocious and has so much personality. My other little granddaughter is Ivy and she will follow Malia a week later and turn one as well. They are definitely a handful that I can feel my age at times but not for long. You have keep up with them if you want to catch them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

#15 Library 2.0 & Web 2.0

I read the articles in the OCLC Next Space Newsletter and read Away From Icebergs, Into a new world of Librarianship, and To a temporary place and time. I found them to be very informative and interesting. The articles talked about the importance of library staff being open to changes in making future libraries be more customer-friendly. Library staff must be available to help customers find the information they are searching for. A blending of the old ways with the future technological ways is appropriate.

#13 Social Bookmarking and Tagging

I looked around and the PLCMCL2 account set up by the library and found that there are worthwhile materials that are relevant for librarians. I, then, went to the homepage and typed in the ESL topic and clicked on search and found out many sites that are relevant to my profession. I recognized sites I use on a regular basis as well as others that are new to me. I also note how popular websites are by the number of times they were visited and saved. The tags are important because they help narrow down the search field. Tags can expedite information that you are looking for.

#9 More with RSS feeds

I experimented with and found it to be easy to find topics in which I am interested. I checked out mystery books and found out that the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyers is currently very popular among the teenagers. I also learned how to make my Google reader public, so if you click on the title of this post, you can link to my public Google reader page.

Number 8 Google reader

Just completed an "eye" opening experience. I watched the bloglines video ( Commoncraft) which was very helpful. I perused all the bloglines and found some that were very confusing. There were some that I liked and others that I didn't like. Click on my title and check out my bloglines. I couldn't have done that without my valuable tutor, Ms. SJ. Thank you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

# 12 JaxCat Gadget what for?

This search box could be used by anyone anywhere in the U.S. if he or she is looking fo a specific book title and is not available in his local library. It may be available in our library.

#11 A Thing about Library Thing

I believe that the LibraryThing website will be a fun place to blog about books you enjoy reading and sharing your thoughts and critiques with other avid readers. I posted many of my favorite mystery books and found out about upcoming titles. I am going to enjoy this website.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Technology!!!! What's that!!!! I am still exploring the meaning......

I think that I might just get a chance to wrap my brain around this "technology" thing. I still is foreign to me but I might be able to speak "technologese" along with several other languages I already speak.
Countries I have been
Make yours @

I did my more fun with Flikr. I made a map of the world and of the countries where I have lived and/or visited. Impressive right!!!!!! Just kiddin' I am sure I am not the only one.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Travelling through NM

I saw this scenery as I was travelling through NM and settled in Albequerque for several years. It was very awe inspiring and wondrous.

Friday, October 24, 2008

new beginnings

I am learning more each day about using this blog. Thanks to my fellow bloggers, Katie and Sharon, I am beginning to navigate through technology channels and coming out on the other side somewhat successfully.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My first blog

I learned something new today and my hope is to be able to continue with all the lessons that are presented.